Electrical Design Engineer/Project CPM/CxM/FEE


Cover Letter:

My objective is to find a long-term leading career opportunity in the Electric Power Utility Industry in Design-Build, Engineering, Construction (EPC), Operations, Service, Maintenance, Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning, Start Up Project/Program Management & Business Administration where I can apply my past academic and professional experience to help my Employer’s development and as a unique leader promote teamwork, hard work and responsibility among my co-workers & subordinates. I am confident to be an invaluable asset and contributor to my employer's bottom line (reliability, efficiency, productivity & profitability).  I am a FL Certified UMEC (Unlimited Master Electrical Contractor) & as a Designer/Engineer/CPM, I have been involved in every phase of electrical/electronic design; product-equipment Research & Development (R&D); and their field application.   Among these products are conventional diesel/gas-fueled power generation plants (CAT, Cummins/Onan, Perkins, Generac, Kohler, Detroit Diesel; GE, Westinghouse, Siemens gas, steam, water turbines; solid-state, microprocessor & microcontroller-based distance, differential, over-under current, over-under voltage,  ground fault relays (Basler, Beckwith Electric, ABB, GE, Siemens, SEL, Areva, etc.); Programmable Automation & Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interface (HMIs) , Digital Direct & Distributed Control Systems (DDC/DCS), Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA), T&D Energy Management Sys (T&DEMS), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) Applications; Woodward/Barber Coleman speed governors/load sharing modules; load synchronizers, SQ-D/GE/Cutler-Hammer/Siemens paralleling switch gears, MCC’s, motor drives, transformers, capacitors, surge/lightning arresters, C.B.'s, panel boards, fuses, etc.).  I also have extensive experience leading & providing Business & Contract-Sub-Contract Administration, Management, Budgeting, Scheduling, Bidding/Awarding, SOW/RFP/RFQ/RFI, CPM/EVM, Procurement (D/E/P/C) in the Electric Power Utility Industry (PG/T&D) & the Energy Consumer side (Commercial, Residential, Industrial, OEM, Telecomm., Military (USACE, NAVFAC, DeCA, USAF, DOD), Governmental (DOT, FAA, DOE), Health Care, Hospitality, Educational/Institutional, R&D, Pharmaceutical, etc.).  

9625 SW 24 St., Ste. #C110

Miami, FL, 33165. USA.

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Seeking a full time leading career opportunity as an Electrical T&D Engineer/PM with an Electric Power Utility Co. where I can apply my past academic and professional experience, actively contribute to this Enterprise growth, development, profitability and as a unique leader promote teamwork, hard work and responsibility among my co-workers and subordinates.   Experience:   June 2000 to present - Independent Contractor/Consultant, USA.  ? Role: Project Electrical Design/Build P.E./CPM/Consultant (D/B EE/PE/CPM).

? DB/EPCPM, Commissioning (Cx), Retro-Commissioning (RCx) and Start-Ups of Power Generation Plants, Electric Power Utility Co. Transmission, Sub-Transmission, Primary  Power Distribution Networks & Sub-Stations, as well as Secondary (End-Consumer) Power Distribution, Lighting, Lightning, Grounding, Fire/Security/Intrusion Alarm, CCTV, RF, Microwave, Fiber Optic, Power Line Carrier, Internet, Satellite, Telephone, Wireless (TDMA, CDMA, GSM), Telegraph Networks for Telecommunication (Wireless roof top, colocation, raw land & tenant improvement, type applications for AT&T, Cingular Wireless, BellSouth, Voice Stream, CommNet Ericsson & D/EPCPM Consulting/Contracting Co.’s (Bechtel Corp.)), Industrial, Commercial, Institutional/Educational/University Campuses, Correctional, Health Care, Residential, Military (USACE/NAVY/USAF/FAA), Local & Federal Gov. Buildings, Facilities, Sites, etc., Business & Contract Administration, D/B Site Project Management (QA/QC), Facility Inspection and Forensic/Fire Engineering Consulting/Investigation. Conduction of Design/Build/Reliability analytical studies (Electric Power Sys Simulation/Modeling) of Utility (FP&L, TECo., GPA, CEA, PG&E, RG&E, CONED, AECo., HECo., ACE, KCP&L, BG&E, AEP, WP&L, PGE, MMWEC, GPCo./SCo./EPSI, CGPEI, etc.) and end-consumers on-site electric power systems including Fault, Zone Selective Interlocking or Selective Protection Coordination, Harmonic, Transient, Stability, Transmission Planning, Load Forecast/Flow, Power Quality Control & Arc Flash utilizing tools as ASPEN, CAPE, PSSE, EMTP, PSLF, ETAP, SKM, Easy Power, Synergy-GL, IPSA, EDSA, CYME, PLS-CAD/TOWER/POLE/SAG-10/CAISSON as well as Primavera, Sage Timberline, AccueBid, IntelliBid, QuickBid, Foundation, Maxwell, Con/ProEst, McCormick, AutoDesk/AutoCAD & Bentley MicroSation (BMS). Business & Contract-Subcontract Administration/Management (Scoping (SOW), RFP/RFQ/RFI, Bidding/Awarding, Budgeting, Scheduling, CPM/EVM, Procurement (D/E/P/C)).  April 1998 to June 2000 - Pantropic Power Products, Inc. (Caterpillar), Miami, FL, USA.  ? Role: Electric Power Generation Field Service Technician (EPG-FST).
? Field Application Design, Engineering, Service, Operations, Maintenance, CPM. CAT and competitors power generation plants (generators & turbines), switchgears/transfer switches procurement, manufacturing, customizing, connection, reconnection, installation, commissioning, retro-commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, testing and SET-UP programming (EMCP II+). Parallel operation.Woodward (2301 A) load sharing and speed governors/modules installation, calibration and operation. Start-ups and Load Bank tests.   
July 1997- March 1998 - Duratel, Inc. (Panasonic), Digital Business Systems (DBS), Miami, FL, USA.  ? Role: Communications Field Service Technician (CFST). ? Field Application Design, Engineering, Service, Maintenance, Operations, CPM, Commissioning, Retro-commissioning, programming, installation, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, design/build of Panasonic (OEM) (DBS-24/40/72/96) communication systems (LAN-WAN-RF-MicroWave-Internet-Telegragh-Telephone-FiberOptic-Satellite Networks, Telephony (T-1) interfaces and faxes/modems) for Commercial, Institutional/Educational, Health Care, Military (Call/Data Centers)  Residential facilities/applications.  
December 1993 - February 1997 - Central University of “Las Villas”, Sta Clara, VC, Cuba, Circuits Development Dept. & The Power Networks Electro-Energetic Development Studies Center.  ? Role: Project Electrical Engineer/PM, Professor ”Instructor” teaching category. (PEE/PM/PI). ? Teaching of Electric Circuits subjects from I - IV. Electrical Motor Drives Design. Power Generation Plants, Transmission, Sub Transmission, Primary Distribution & Telecomm. Networks (RF, Microwave, Fiber Optic, Satellite, Telephone, Wireless (TDMA, CDMA, GSM). Wireless (CDMA, TDMA, GSM), Power Line Carrier & Substation D/EPC/SU/Cx. Power Factor Improvement. Energy Economy. Business Administration & Site Design/Build/CPM.  
 October 1992 - November 1993 - Electric Basic Organization, Sta Clara, VC, Cuba, “Las Villas Central Energy Dispatcher” & The Cuban National Electro-Energetic Commission.  ? Role: Power Electrical Engineer/PM (PEE/PM).
? DB/EPCPM, Commissioning, Retro-commissioning and Start-Ups of Power Generation, Transmission, Sub transmission, Primary Distribution, Sub-stations, Telecomm. (RF, Microwave, Fiber Optic, Power Line Carrier, Telephone, Wireless (TDMA, CDMA, GSM), Satellite) & Secondary Distribution Energy Networks. Power Flow Quality Control, Conditioning, Filtering and Monitoring/Management, Systems Stability/Reliability, Fault Determination and Electrical Protection Coordination studies in aforementioned energy networks. Business Administration & Site Design/Build/CPM.   Education:   ? Degree of the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, CULV, "Martha Abreu", Sta Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba, 1992.  ? Engineer Intern Certificate (FE/EIT) issued by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE), Tallahassee, FL, USA, 1998.  ? Professional Engineer Certificate/License (PE) issued by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE), Tallahassee, FL, USA, 2000.  ? Certified Unlimited Master Electrical Contractor (CUMEC) Certificate/License issued by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) & the Electrical Contracting Licensing Board (ECLB), Orlando, FL, USA, 2008.  ? Certified Standard Electrical Inspector (Commercial/Industrial/Residential) (CSEI) & Certified Standard Electrical Plans Examiner (CSEPE) issued by the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) & the Building Code Administrators & Inspectors Board (BCA&IB), Orlando, FL, USA, 2009.  
? Post-graduated from the following courses:  ? Object-oriented analysis, design and programming, Windows Operating System ( 3.11, 98, NT and Microsoft Office Suite), Computer programming in Borland Pascal, Delphi, VB & VC++, Power Plants Design/Build, Pedagogy Superior Course, Engine Diagnostics, Electronic Engine Controls, Hydraulic-Actuated Electronic Unit  Injectors (HEUI), CAT Gas Engines families (3400/3500), PMI (Project Management Institute) curriculum courses. 
Project List 2000-2012:     ? Role: Design/Build Project Forensic Electrical P.E./C.P.M./M.E.C.    ? Miscell. Electric Power Utility Sector (USA SE/MW) including Nuclear Power Plants:  
? Power Generation  Plants,  Transmission,  Sub-Transmission &    Primary Distribution  Lines and  Sub-Stations, RF, Microwave, Power Line Carrier, Fiber Optic, Internet, Satellite, Telephone, Wireless (TDMA, CDMA, GSM), Telegraph Networks R&D/DB/EPCPM, SCADA-EMS-DMS-HMI-PLC-PAC-DDC-DCS-RTU-EMS-DMS. 
? 01/2001 – Present, $500M, 9 Years.  (FP&L, TECo., GPA, CEA,  PG&E, RG&E, CONED, AECo., HECo., ACE, KCP&L, BG&E, AEP, WP&L, PGE, MMWEC, EHEI, AEI, GPCo./SCo./EPSI, CGPEI). 

? FP&L (FL Power & Light Co.)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of 50 miles of O/H-D/C 230kV T-Line & One SDSS (230kV-34.5kV), 2001-2002.  D/BPC: All-Bright Electric, Inc.D/B/CPM/F: Parsons Energy GroupISCR: PE/CPMCost: $70M
? TECo. (TECO Energy)D/B/CPM of two 115kV-34.5kV SDTSS, 2002-2003D/BPC: Helms Electric, Inc., ISCR: PE/PMD/B/CPM/F: URS Corp.Cost: $25M
? GPA (Georgia Power Authority)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of a SDTSS (345kV-115kV), 2004.D/B/PC: South EPCo., Inc., ISCR: PE/PMD/B/CPM/F: Atkins Corp./PBS&J Corp.Cost: $32M
? WP&L (Wisconsin Power & Light)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of two SDTSS (400kV-69kV), 2004D/B/PC: KBR Corp.SC: EPU Corp.D/B/CPM/F: CH2MH Corp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMCost: $45M
? HECo (Hawaiian Electric Co.) D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of 10 miles of  U/G-D/C 115kV T-Line, one SUTSS (13.2kV-115kV) & two SDTSS (115kV-69kV), 2005D/B/PC: Pacific Ring Power Co., ISCR: D/BPE/PMD/B/CPM/F: Power Engineers Co.Cost: $112M
? GPA (Guam Power Authority) & AAFB & NAVFAC)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of two SDTSS (230kV-13.2kV), 2006D/B/PC: GPPCorp. & BCCorp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMD/B/CPMF: DCK Corp.Cost: $32M
? BG&E (Baltimore Gas & Electric)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of a SDTSS (138kV-69kV), 2005D/B/PC: USA Electric Power Builders Co. D/B/CPM/F: Parsons BH Corp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMCost: $15M
? RG&E (Rochester Gas & Electric)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of two SDTSS (400kV-115kV), 2006D/B/PC: Halliburton Corp.D/B/CPM Firm: HNTB Corp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMCost: $50M
? KCP&L (Kansas City Power & Light Co.)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of 100 miles of  O/H-D/C 500kV T-Line, one SUTSS (13.2kV-500kV) & one SDTSS (500kV-169kV), 2007-2009D/B/PC: Midwest Electric Power Corp.D/B/CPM/F: Power Engineers Co., ISCR: D/BPE/PMCost: $150M
? CONED (Consolidated Edison NY) D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of a SDTSS (230kV-69kV), 2007D/B/PC: B&V Corp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMCost: $25M
? PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of a SDTSS (500kV-115kV), 2008D/B/PC: Bechtel Corp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMD/B/CPM/F: CH2Mhill Corp.Cost: $20M
? AEPCo. (American Electric Power Co.)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of a SDTSS (500kV-138kV), 2009D/B/PC: B&V Corp., ISCR: D/BPE/PMCost: $56M
? CP&L (Carolina Power & Light Co.)D/B/CPM/SU/Cx of two SDDSS (34.5kV-13.2kV), 2010D/B/PC: EPU-USA, Inc., ISCR: PE/PMD/B/CPM/F: Atkins Corp./PBS&J Corp.Cost: $56M
? D/B/CPM/SU/Cx: Design/Build/CPM/Start-Up/Commissioning? CPM: Const. Project Management ? D/B/PC: D/B Prime Contractor? SC: Sub-Contractor? D/B/CPM/F: D/B/CPM Firm? ISCR: Independent Sub-Consultant Role (Self-Role)? U/G: Under/Ground? O/H: Over/Head? D/C: Double/Circuit? T-Line: Transmission-Line? SUTSS: Step Up/Down Transmission Sub-Station ? Oil & Gas (Petrochemical & Refineries) (USA P, C & MW):  ? Power Generation Plants,  Transmission,  Sub-Transmission &    Primary Distribution Lines &  Sub-Stations MEP Research/Design/Build/CPM, SCADA/EMS/DMS/HMI/PLC/DDC/DCS. 05/2000 – 10/2008, $750M, 8 Years, Houston TX.  (ExxonMobil Corp., BP Corp., Chevron Corp., Occidental Petroleum Corp., Devon Energy Corp., Anadarko Petroleum Corp., XTO Energy Corp., Chesapeake Energy Corp., Apache Corp., EOG Resources, Hess Corp., Marathon Oil Corp.,  Shell Canada Ltd., Conoco Phillips Corp.)    ? Forensic Investigation & Civil Court Testimony Projects:  
? Fire Investigation for Commercial Insurers of South Florida, Pepsi Co., Miami/FL. 25k sq. F. $35k, 05/2000, 3 weeks.  ? Lightning damage Investigation to service entrance switchgear, BellSouth. Miami/FL.  40k sq.  F. $30k, 02/2003, 3 weeks.  ? Fire Alarm & sprinkler malfunction investigation for GC, South Florida builders Corp., Miami/FL. 65k sq. F. $55k, 06/2005, 1 month.  ? Transformer fire/damage Investigation in Transmission Sub-station for FP&L, Jupiter,  FL. 10k sq. F. $15k, 08/2008, 1 week.  ? Generator fire/damage Investigation for  Cummins/Onan,  Fort Lauderdale, FL.  10k  sq.  F.  $20k, 05/2009, 2 weeks.  ? UPS  malfunction  &  fire/damage  Investigation  for  Cingular Wireless  Communications  &      Data Center, West Palm Beach, FL. 10k sq. F. $15k, 07/2009, 1 week.   ? Electric Power Service Entrance Switch Gear fire/damage Investigation/Report for Siemens OEM facility, DFW, TX. 100k  sq.  F. $250k, 02/15/2011 – 03/15/2011, 1 Month + Depositions & Court Testimony. 
? Industrial/Commercial Projects:    ? MEP Design/Build for medium  Capital  improvement in Goya Foods,  Inc., Miami/FL.  45k  sq.  F. $150k, 10/2003, 3 months.  ? Secondary Electrical Design/Build for Coca Cola Co., Miami/FL. 35k sq. F. $65k, 05/2005, 2 month.   ? Secondary Electrical Design/Build for Pepsi Cola Co., Miami/FL. 25k sq. F. $40k, 06/2007, 1 month.   ? Primary & Secondary Electrical Design/Build  for US Sugar Corp., Saint Petersburg, FL. 50k sq. F. $500k, 02/2008, 3 months.  ? Secondary Electrical Design/Build for local Water & Sewer treatment plant in MDC, Miami/FL. 35k sq. F. $55k, 10/2004, 2 months.   ? Secondary Electrical Design/Build improvement for several Transmission & Primary    ? Distribution Sub-stations for FP&L in Miami/FL. 10k sq. F. $85k each, 04/2002, 1     year.   ? Electrical Instrumentation, SCADA & PLC's Design/Build for Sq.D (Eaton Electric, Inc.), GE, WH, CH & Siemens in Miami/FL. 10k sq. F. $75k, 06/2004, 2 years.     ? Commercial/Retail:    ? Aventura Mall Capital  improvement, Mesa Corp., MEP Design/Build, Miami Lakes/FL. 65k  sq.F. $250k, 02/2000, 9 months.  ? Wal-Mart Indoor/Outdoor Capital  improvement, URS Corp., MEP Design/Build, Miami/FL. 45k sq.F. $100k, 07/2001, 6 months.  ? Sedans MEP Design/Build, PBS&J, Inc., Miami, FL, 65 sq.F, $125k, 09/2005, 6 months.   ? Publix Supermarkets, Inc., MEP Design/Build, Miami, FL, 125k sq.F, $1M, Parsons, Inc., 06/2005, 9 months.  ? Win  Dixie  Supermarkets,  Inc.,  S&MEP  D/B  upgrade,  150  sq.F,  $2.5M,  Beckwith  Electric,  Inc., 07/2006, 1 year.  
? Health Care:   ? Miami Children Hospital MEP  Design/Build.  Miami/FL.  35k  sq.  F.  $125k, Jupiter Electric & Comm., Inc., 06/2002, 6 months.  ? Miami Baptist Hospital, Power House & Lighting Renovation, MEP CPM. Miami/FL,  45  sq.F. $250k, EH. Electric, Inc., 05/2003, 6 months.  ? Kendall Hospital. MEP Design/Build. Miami/FL. 25k sq. F. $100k, Parsons Inc., 06/2004, 8 months. Palmetto Hialeah Hospital. MEP Design/Build. Miami/FL. 45k sq. F. $150k, HNTB Corp., 5/2005, 9 months.  ? Orlando Memorial Hospital, MEP CPM, Orlando/FL,  150  sq.  F., $1M, Five Stories full Renovation, Power House, Fire Suppression/Alarm, Lighting, etc. M&H Corp./AB Electric, Inc. 08/2007. 1 Year.   ? Guam NAVFAC/Navy Hospital. MEP CPM. Sub-Station & SE-Switchgear Renovation. Tamuning, GU. 120 sq.F. $500k, Black Construction Corp./CWSI. 06/2008, 8 months.   ? Guam Memorial Hospital,  Power House,  Fire Alarm Sys & Lighting Capital  Improvement, MEP Design/Build/CPM.  Tamuning,  GU.  65  sq.  F,  $1M,  DCK Construction  Corp/ECM Consulting. 10/2009, 1 Year. 
? Residential:   ? "Las Olas" High Rise Twenty Five stories Condominium MEP Design/Build. AllBrite Electric, Inc., Miami Beach/FL. 100k sq. F. $15M, 04/2006, 2 years.   ? "Walnut Breeze" Development MEP Design, Langer Electric, Inc., Miami/FL. 1.25M sq. F. $750k, 08/2007, 1 year.   ? Telecommunications:    ? Design/Build/CPM  of  "The Margate" Call/Data Center  in  Pompano Beach, FL, Ed elms Electric, Inc., $300k, 08/2008, 1 year.  ? Design/Build/CPM  of  raw  land,  colocation,  tenant  improvement,  roof  top,  etc. wireless  sites  for AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular, ComnetEricsson, Voice  Stream, Sprint, Verizon, Metro PCS, Bechtel, etc. $250k/site, 01/2005-12/2008, 3 years.  
? FDOT/FTE:   ? Toll  Facility Design/Eng./CPM,  (FTE,  I-95,  Palmetto,  836), HNTB  Corp.,  Raytheon  Corp.,  KBR Corp., MEP Design/Build, 50k sq.F, Homestead to Orlando, FL, $15M, 01/2007-06/2009, 2 years-5 months.    ? FAA:   ? Radar Surveillance Facilities & Small  to Medium size AK remote village’s  airports,  PITG/LMCo, Design/Build/CPM. (AK, Anchorage, Kenai, etc.) & (Hawaii, Oahu), MEP Design/Build, 65k sq.F, $50k to $2M, 12/2007-08/2010, 3 years.   ? NAVFAC:   ? Residential Housing, Recreation & Military hospital Complex in Guam, ? GPPC/CAC/BCCorp./DCKCCorp., MEP Design/Build, 240k sq.F, $25M - $65M, 06/2009 to 12/2009 & 09/2010 to Present, 10 months.  ? GPA/GPPC/CSDC, Two U/G Sub-Transmission Lines & Two Sub-Stations CPM, $3.5M, 06/2009 - 12/2009 & 09/2010 to Present, 10 months. 
? Institutional/Educational:  ? K-12, Complex, Miami, FL, 120k sq.F., 4  stories, Prime Contractor: South FL Builders, Inc., MEP Design/Build/CPM, $125M, 03/2001 to 12/2001, 10 months. ? FIU,  Campus, Miami,  FL,  65k  sq.  F., three stories, Prime Contractor: Mesa &Assoc. Const.  Corp., MEP Design/Build/CPM, $25M, 07/2005 to 11/2005, 5 months. ? FIU,  Campus,  Jacksonville,  FL,  200k  sq.F.,  5  stories,  PC:  Mesa &Assoc.  Const.  Corp., MEP Design/Build/CPM, $55M, 02/2007 to 12/2007, 9 months. ? (2) K-12, Complex, Tamuning, GU, 65 sq.F., 2 stories, PC: DCKCCorp., MEP Design/Build/CPM, $5M, 06/2008 to 10/2008, 5 months. ? GIU, Campus. Hagatna, GU, 200 sq.F., Four stories, PC: BCCorp., MEP Design/Build/CPM,  $45M, 03/2009 to 12/2009, 10 months. 

PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES:   1) Del Maccio, BSIE, Service Manager.(Cummins/Onans). (954-428-9990). 2) James E. Vick, PE, BSCE, Project Manager. (PBS&J, Inc., FTE/FDOT).  (407-264-3410). 3) Rodrigo De Paula, PE, BSCE, Construction Project Manager. (PBS&J, Inc., FTE/FDOT). (407-264-3491) 4) Matthew F. Murphy, BSCE, CPM. (GPPCorp.). (671-646-7132/838-3305).  5) Mauricio Arze, P.E., BSCE, CPM, CSA Group, Inc. (954.438.4300,   (954-410-6935)6) Jorge Aguirre, BSEE, Production Manager. (Caterpillar). (305- 592-4944). 7) Jim Dettores, BSME, Industrial Product Manager. (Caterpillar). (305-477-3329). 8) Jorge Mesa, BSCE, PE, Project Manager. (FDWS & V&Mesa Corp.). (305-970-3683), (305) 220-6557). 9) Mauric Suarez, BSCE, PE, Project Engineer. (FDOT) (305-470-5441). 10) Pelayo J. Calante, BSME, PE, Project Engineer. (IC). (305-546-4366). 11) Carlos Gimeno, BSEE. (Owner & President). (JE&C, Inc.).(305-970-8461). 12) Edgar Montanez, BSEE, PE, Project Manager. (URS Corp.).(561-213-9033). 13) Collin Williams, BSCE, PE, PITG/LMCo., Project Engineer, (907-271-1305). 14) Stan Hasiak, BSCE, RE, PITG/LMCo., Resident Engineer/CPM, (907-271-1305). 15) William Merrill, CPA, RFO, PITG/LMCo, Regional Financial Officer, (907-271-1305). 16) Frank Cabodie, BSEE, CPM, Construction PM, FAA, (907-271-1305). 17) Douglas Washburn, BSME, CPM, Construction PM, FAA.(907-271-1305).   FL LICENSES:
1) Electrical Contractor #EC13003982 (Expiration Date: 08/31/2014)2) Plans Examiner #3215 (Expiration Date: 11/30/2013)3) Professional Engineer #56759 (Expiration Date: 02/28/2015)4) Standard Inspector #6230 (Expiration Date: 11/30/2013)   

  • ID#: 71099
  • Location: Miami, FL , 33165

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