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Place of Birth  : Washington D.C., U.S.A.



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Nationality : U.S.A / Venezuela











Personal Data:

Objective: ____________________________________________________________________________

Plant Maintenance Manager with a BS in Electrical
and Electronic Engineering graduated in Worcester , Mass. USA with over 20
years of experience in maintenance management positions at mass consumption
manufacturing industries as Coca Cola FEMSA & Bridgestone Firestone ,
occupying positions such as Preventive Maintenance  Manager, Plant Engineer & Maintenance
Manager, Project Manager. I have plenty of experience on the Maintenance Field
and was trained under Total Productive Maintenance in Japan , I am on the
search of a solid organization related to my role of expertise in Maintenance which
faces me with continuous challenges and at the same time supplying both the
tools and the autonomy necessary to overcome them and therefore broaden my
experience and my ability to contribute to the achievement of objectives .


 Academic Background:

















Degree Obtained















Simon Bolivar University 



Caracas Venezuela






Proficiency in Electronic Technology.



Central New England College of  Technology 



Worcester MA. USA






Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  Cum
  Laude Q.P.A 3.15/4.00



Central New England College of  Technology 



Worcester MA.USA






Associate of Science in Electronic Engineering.  Cum
  Laude Q.P.A 3.15/4.00



The Dean’s List









 Included in 8th edition ,1984-1985



Work Experience:


Consulting Services performed under
Professional Fees. Caracas. (07/08-11/2011).

Evaluate Client Company
Diagnostics in reference to Productivity, Mantenability and Environmentally in
order  to Prepare Projects Cost , Return
on Investment and suggest best approach to continuous improvement , Summit
Quotations, Supervise Performance Indicators on site and Generate Closing
Reports on Findings

 Achievements: I counseled ABSORVEN C.A in Guarenas, Venezuela and was able to improve
production by a 17 % on a diapers facilities and lower their faulty production
classify and sold as second level by a 3% margin ,just by the use of visual
management techniques, also worked on their raw material organization and spare

At Garden Planet C.
A. in Caracas, Venezuela worked on PVC’s Windows and doors factory to direct
the organization of their inventory. control , production objectives , company
policy enforcement , on time delivery objectives and overall organization to
meet quality standards , a company manual was develop and written and
up-to-date it is follow by that manufacturing facility.

Caracas, Venezuela worked in rebuilding a rubber mixer for a shoe factory and
organize their maintenance department according to the needs on that industry
which is pretty similar to the tire manufacturing facilities.









At Repuestolandia
C.A in Guarenas, Venezuela expend a whole year supervising the installation of
a SKYGO motorcycle manufacturing facilities (6,800 square meters) including all
the required services for the type of industry as forced ventilation system,
sewage water system, electrical supply, fire detection and fighting systems,
lighting, air conditioner system, supply water systems, water tanks, etc
according to local building requirements and trough the use of external
contractors, as their plant manager.



S.A. ( INQUIPORT ) . Araure .

Plant Production and
Maintenance Manager . Reports to Executive Vice-president . Eng. Roberto
Giorgetti .Tlf . Cell


Plant Production & Maintenance Manager.

Planning, manage and supervise all manufacturing process to achieve the
most efficient results. Enforce the Quality System ISO 9001. Cost control. Define Production Objectives according to
Sales requirements. Decide Equipment Selection and Acquisition as well as
contracted Services. Review and redefine Performance Indicators. Approve Purchase Orders and Production Orders. Coordinate the
implementation of corrective actions to improve production process. Manage the
Program and coordinate the supply chain for all the raw materials, packaging,
services required to production process.

. Implement countermeasures to avoid non-conformities related to the
product, process or quality system. Identify and register any problem related
to the product. Initiate, assist and decide on the solution to any problem
raised on the Plant. Verify the correct implementation of the countermeasures. 

Responsibilities: Control the reprocess
and delivery of any non-conformity product until the deficiency had been
corrected or the situation been resolved. Participate on the selection and
final hire of all Plant personnel, Approve and Coordinate the activities
related to all plant personnel. Plan and Coordinate the development of New
Products. Coordinate the formulation or repackaging of third party products.
Prepare Monthly Reports to Executive Vice-president. Prepare meetings and
agenda for Quality Staff Meeting.   Set
up weekly meetings with Sales Director and Finance and Administration Manager.
Coordinate with all managers under mi supervision the company policies to be
follow to achieve the Organizational Goals. Establish Administrative Priorities
related to either cost or investments. Discuss and establish Functional
agreements between the Production, Purchasing, Warehouse, Maintenance, quality
and Safety Departments. Assure the enforcement of all Legal matters related
personnel.  Keep open communication with
all external Governmental and Private Entities, Certification Firms, Clients
and Suppliers.


Achievements:I manage trough the
use of operative controls the reduction on Absenteeism in 5% which lowered the
total from around 80 hrs per day to 50 hours per day. In Production process increased
the production yield of 16 Kgs.per Men Hour to 32 Kgs. Per men Hour. This was achieved
trough the implementation of well-concerted production planning based on sales
forecast. And daily follow up. In Quality Issue established a daily objective
to detect and correct quality warnings and so far over 400 warnings were
detected and corrected therefore insuring the possible causes of complaints
from our clients.  In the Safety Concerns
establish a daily objective to detect safety warnings and so far had been able
to detect and correct over 378 provable causes of accidents that were corrected
up to now. Establish the Follow up Morning Daily meeting to follow up and
implement continuous improvements actions and countermeasures in all
departments and improved communication between all associates.  We were able to go live and implement SAP in
January 2008. We were also able to recertify our plant with ISO 9000 Standards
approving the latest External Audit MAY 2008.














COCA-COLA FEMSA DE VENEZUELA, S.A.  Valencia. Venezuela. (04/06-11/06)

Industrial Maintenance
Manager. Reported to Plant Manager. Eng. Roderick Paez .Tlf . Cell

Job’s Tasks:  Establish
a Corrective and Preventive Maintenance System which reflects in a higher
bottling line efficiency at Valencia’s Plant, design and implement performance
indicators for every position on the maintenance department organization chart
aligned with the objectives and goals established by the plant manager , define
descriptions and  functions for each one
of these positions , establish functional and administrative procedures to
control maintenance cost , supervise and audit these procedures. Establish
priorities with respect to administrative cost against investment. Establish
Functional Agreements between Production, Spare Parts Room, Purchasing,
Quality, Safety and the Maintenance Department. Ensure compliance with the
Norms and Procedures established by Coca-Cola FEMSA de Venezuela and local
laws. (LOPCYMAT). Governmental Entities Representation as required by the


Achievements:  I manage trough
the use of operative controls the reduction of Maintenance Department Monthly
overtime in about 60 % which reflected in savings superior to 32 MBs / monthly.
In Reference to Maintenance matters accomplished to lower the efficiency points
attributed to Mechanical Failures including all lines from an average 53% to 41%
of total failures which reflected in daily productions records over the 200,000
physical boxes / day, we manage to review and reclassify a total of 12,000
items from the spare parts room, in order to establish maximum and minimum
stocks to feed an Automatic Spare Parts Inventory Control System (still in
progress) de , accomplished an equal distribution of work loads for each
position. I had a great opportunity to work with a good work team with a high
sense of compromise and work ethics reflected in countless hours of work effort
to the benefit of all of us for which I felt really fortunate.


BRIDGESTONE FIRESTONE VENEZOLANA, C.A. Valencia, Venezuela (07/91-02/06)

Plant Engineering and Maintenance
Manager (09/97-02/06) 
Reported to Plant Manager. Eng. Luis Abreu . Tlf. Cell. 0058-414-433-6990.
- Off.

Job’s Tasks: Verify and Control all operations referent to Plant
Engineering such as: Establish Yearly Capital Investment, Analyze Capital Investment Projects, Select
and Negotiated Necessary Equipment for Production Process, Control Capital
Investment Budget and Maintenance Operational Expenses, Estimates Equipment
Replacement due to Obsolescence or new Technologies, Comply with all
Governmental Norms and Regulations.

Establish Procedures to regulate Projects and
Maintenance Departments activities as well as Outside Contractor Companies. Coordinate the execution of improvement projects under
the Six Sigma Philosophy and assure the adequate upgrade of schematics after
every equipment modification. Assure the inclusion of spare parts to spare
parts room for every new equipment installation.

and implement Norms and Procedures for Plant Engineering Department required by
the Environmental Compliance Standards as described in the company’s ISO 14001

program Personnel Training and implement Procedures and working standards for
Plant Engineering Department required by Quality Assurance Systems UNDER THE
international Standards ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Achievements: Under my direction we achieved a 70% reduction on
Equipment Failure and down time through the implementation of Procedures
described in Maintenance Global Standardization Manual established by the
Bridgestone Japan Corporation to all associated plants. , at the same time this
reduction was reflected as a reduction of Maintenance Costs equivalent to 15 %
of total cost. Accomplished the certification for ISO 14001: in year 2002, and
later on the standard ISO/TS 16949:2004. In the Projects Department we
accomplished a plant Floor Production Expansion of approximately 3.000 square
meters, accomplished the installation and start up of a Rubber Mixer with a 270
liter capacity and 2000 Hp. Motor, installation of a Four Roll Calender 76
inches wide, installation of two Automatic Pigment Weighting Systems,
installation of a 6” Bead Filler Extruder, installation of on-line X-Ray
Machine, Six Mitsubishi Hydraulic Curing Presses, and three 85-B Tire Building
Machines. I must clarify that most of this equipment was negotiated through my
intervention which reported savings in benefit to the company in the order of
the $ 1 Million. Besides all of this I’m really convinced that the most
important achievement is the recognition and respect demonstrated to me by my
subordinates and associates which was earned trough my 15 years of services..







Preventive Maintenance Manager

Plan, Program and Control
Preventive Maintenance Operations on machinery and equipment with the objective
of achieving the highest standards of efficiency and productivity on equipment
capacity installed in plant, following priorities established by Plant
Engineering Department. Coordinate Improvements Projects (Kaizens)
implementation and any modification to equipments related to safety or
productivity and support start up process.

Equipment Inspection Reports, prepared by Preventive Maintenance Assistants in
order to plan and coordinate the Monthly PM Programs.

the correct execution of the preventive maintenance activities with the
objective of preventing the repetitive problem from reoccurrence.

chronic problems, analyze them in group, and give support to find final

and establish action plans to reduce the cost generated by the Maintenance of
the equipments.

and implement Norms and Procedures in Maintenance Department to comply with
Quality Assurance Systems ISO9002:1992 and QS 9000:1998.

Achievements: Equipment Rate of Failure Reduction in about  20% no just on frequency of failure but also
on Equipment Down Time, Maintenance Cost Reduction  in about 15% of total cost, Implement Various
Kaizens , as Proper Operator Balance on 1st Stage Radial Tire Building Machines
and Front Tread Feeding on 2nd. Stage Radial Tire Building Machines
also Developed and Implement proper procedures to accomplish ISO9002 and QS
9000 Certification.


MA. USA. (06/85 - 04/90).  Test
Equipment Engineer.


Job Tasks: Design Test Equipment for Missile Control Modules to
ensure proper functionality. Troubleshoot assembled equipment to comply with
specification, support assembly process. Write working and calibration
procedures for test equipment .Upgrade Schematics to latest working version.
Perform Training to customer for proper operation. 

Achievements: Delivered on time Test equipment for the Control
Modules of air-air missiles supplied to Australia and United Kingdom Contracts.
Secret Clearance




Complementary Education
(Courses and Workshops):



Course in “Safety Committees
Course in “Supervisor and

 Industrial Hygiene (April 2000) 8 hrs.                                    (November
1999) 16 hrs.

Course in “Emergency
Brigades”                                           Course in “Accident Investigation

 (April 2000) 20 hrs.                                                                  And
Analysis” (May 2000) 08 hrs.


Quality and Environment:

 Workshop. “Quality to the Client” (May 1992)
16 hrs.            Quality Planning and Evaluation

 ISO 14001Refreshment (March 2001) 8 hrs.                           Tools. AMEF. (June 2004) 12 hrs.

  Advance Quality
Statistical Process Control

 APQP-PPAP. (June 2004)12 hrs.                                            
(July 2004) 16 hrs.

 Venezuelan Environmental Regulations                                   Quality
Systems ISO9000-QS9000

  (October 1999). 8 hrs.                                                             
(July 1997) 16 hrs. 

 Quality System ISO/TS 16949                                                  6 Sigma Champion

 (June 2003). 16 hrs.                                                                   
(August 2004) 8 hrs. 













Management Behavior (Dec.1991)
16 hrs.                                
Managing Effective Meetings.

Effective Communication (July
1994) 10 hrs.                           
(Nov. 1994) 20 hrs.

The 7 High affectivity habits                                                    Introduction to Theory of Restrictions

 (February 2005) 16 hrs.                                                              (Nov.
2004) 16 hrs. 


Engineering and Maintenance.

Analytical Failure Detection
(June 1996) 20 hrs.                      
Total Productive Maintenance.

Maintenance Organization.
(June 1995) 40 hrs.                         (May 1995) 24 hrs.

Maintenance Cost Control
Systems.                                          Computers applied to Maintenance

(July 1995) 20 hrs.                                                            
.         (August 1995) 20

Budged Elaboration and Control    
Project Management

 (June 2000) 16 hrs.                                                                
     (July 1997) 20 hrs.


Software Packages

Can work Software Packages
under Windows such as: Word, Excel,  Power
Point. SAP.


Maintenance Workshops.  at
Bridgestone Firestone Plants at: Oklahoma City, Lavergne-Tenesse, Wilson -N.C,
Warren County-Tennessee-, Aiken  N.C.,
Desmoines - Iowa, Akron-Ohio, Cuernavaca - México, México City - México, Santo
Andre – Brazil, San José - Costa Rica, Jolliettte - Canada ,     Tokio-Japón, Tosu-Japón, Kurume- Japón.




highly motivated, great sense of integrity, responsibility and intelligence
,management skills, trustable, willing to undertake any type of training in or
out of the country and to take on big challenges. Willing to be relocated.
Trained under Total Quality Philosophy. Proven experience on Project’s Planning
and Control at production Plants. Fluent Spanish speaking and writing skills.


  • ID#: 72159
  • Location: Miami, FL , 33178

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